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Correcting Companies House filing errors

As it is the duty of the Director(s) to ensure that the public records are accurate, what can be done if a simple filing error is made (e.g. persons date of birth). The powers of the registrar allow amendments to be made using forms RP01 to RP07, depending on the type of amendment to be made. Below is a guide to the various forms.

RP01 - Replace a document not meeting requirements

RP02 - Apply for rectification by the registrar of companies

RP03 - Apply for rectification of a change of registered address

RP03 - Object to a request to rectify the register

RP04 - File a second filing of a document previously delivered

RP CH01 - Correct a director's date of birth

RP06 - Apply to remove material about a director

RP07 - Apply to change a company's disputed registered office address

Further provisions relate to annual accounting errors, and replacement accounts can be made under the Companies (Revision of Defective Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2008. Other amendments can be made using a Court Order.

Contact us if you need assistance in this area.

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