UK Companies

Chalfen - your one-stop shop for corporate setup and management

Chalfen are a leading provider of UK and international company formation and registration services. Our highly trained staff will support you at every stage in the creation and management of corporate entities both in the UK and abroad.

Our specialist UK company management service provides you with every facility your UK corporate presence will require.

  • Setup

    Whether you need a simple, rapid setup or a carefully planned construction, we have the expertise to get the job done quickly, with the minimum of fuss and with an assurance of the highest quality of execution.

  • Management

    We can help with all aspects of the day-to-day management of your company, making sure you are always aware of changing obligations in company law and financial regulation, dealing with timely filing and archiving of your documentation and housekeeping your corporate structure to cope with new business conditions and changes in ownership and structure.

  • Business support

    Chalfen provide a full range of business support services, including mailing addresses, registered office, web presence and email management, as well as virtual office and meeting room facilities.

  • Development

    When your company needs to undergo a transformation, moving domicile, changing its name, or merging, we are there to help. Our depth of experience will be available to keep your costs down and your timetable on track.


Setting up

At Chalfen we can register your company within a matter of a few hours or provide you with an existing structure already created and ready for you to define its final parameters.

The basic requirements are:

  • One director (if there is a sole director it can only be a natural person).
  • A company secretary - discretionary, but can have procedural advantages.
  • A registered office in England or Wales (or Scotland if registered there).
  • A minimum of one shareholder.

Now you have a structure, you will need to consider the following: -

  • Banking.
  • VAT.
  • Accounting.
  • Corporation Tax.

Our Business Support facilities are there assist you with all of these requirements.

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