Chalfen can incorporate in many jurisdictions and in most cases it is personal preference or a small price differential that dictates the jurisdiction used, as most follow the standard ‘International Business Company’ (IBC) model.

The common request is for a ‘BVI’ (British Virgin Islands) company as they stole the lead on many of the other Caribbean jurisdictions and established themselves as the simple go-to jurisdiction. In reality any of the Caribbean islands can provide a pretty standard IBC and the price differential is pretty small.

In many cases, the practical question becomes ‘where do I bank?’ having created an IBC and in this respect we have favoured St Vincent companies as there is a simple seamless procedure for setting up a bank account at the same time as registering a company. The account will be with a Caribbean bank and the procedures will tend to be less fluid than a standard European bank, albeit perfectly usable.

The IBC prices are as follows: -

St Vincent - £1150
St Vincent (with bank account) - £1425
BVI - £1225
BVI (with bank account) - £1650
Belize -£1275
Belize (with bank account) - £1700

The alternative to an IBC is to look towards convenient tax-free jurisdictions as these do not carry the stigma of differing tax regulation between ‘onshore’ and ‘offshore’.

Our recommendation for this is Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) which is an emirate within the UAE. This is a more suitable jurisdiction for any trading, rather than the more administrative functions associated with IBCs. See our page on RAK.

RAK – price from £3500, subject to requirements.

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